Privacy Policy you are going to read presents the terms and conditions of using and its subpages. The following document explains any and all organization that takes care of users’ data and personal information that were used in order to carry out specific activity on the page.

Information regarding personal data gathering and identification

As a page that provides information services, it is possible for to gather some personal data of Users. It may be carried out in several ways – while leaving a comment on one of the posts, following one of the social media fan pages, or performing any other activities including features, functions, or resources. It is possible for the users to be asked to type in name and e-mail address.

However, it is important to know that the use of does not require submitting any comments and providing us with user’s personal data. Everyone is voluntarily submitting their personal information to us in order to use particular elements of the page.

Information regarding non-personal data gathering and identification

In addition to legitimate personal data of the users mentioned above, the page may collect non-personal data of the users. It includes the type of browser they use, the type of computer they have, technical information regarding the connection method of the User, and other data such as operating system, Internet service provider, and other information such as these.

Website cookies

By browsing this page you agree on cookie policy. The agreement concerns the type of cookies our uses, in what manner these cookies are used, and what needs to be done in order to control cookies placement. Cookies are placed on user’s hard drive in order to keep the records of the settings of the page you saved. It is possible to set your Internet browser to refuse our cookies or alert you when they are sent, but it may cause troubles in functioning of the page.

What purposes are your information used to?

In order for to function properly, it is required to use personal data of the users in the following purposes:

  1. To manage the site

In order to display some of the information (regarding comment section and your feedback), we may need your data;

  1. To improve its quality

The quality of the page is dependent on your experience and on your expectations. In order to know what exact information you are looking for, it is crucial to store some of your information;

  1. To please the users

The data collected by our service serves as a mean to improve the page and what it offers, making it more user-friendly.

  1. To focus on key elements

Comments and feedback you leave is very important for the well-being of the page and proper growth and it helps us develop in the right direction.

  1. To send periodic emails

Periodic emails serve as a newsletter and they include the latest novelties published on as well as all the information that regards the website and other functions.

Data protection and safety measures

To make sure personal data stored by our service is safe and well-protected, we introduced special safety precautions. is equipped with HTTPS certificate that proves it is safe page. What’s more, we use the latest, up to date scripts that keep your personal data secured. As a result, it is unlikely your personal data will be altered, disclosed, or destroyed.

Sharing personal data of the users

We do not share, sell, trade, or lend in any way personal information of the users to others. It is plausible to share; however, generic information not related to personal identification information of our visitors and users for demographic purposes only. Entities that may have access to non-personal data are our trusted business partners, advertisers, as well as affiliates.

In order to manage the website, may use third party services that deal with additional activities on our behalf. These activities include sending periodic mails, preparing surveys, as well as managing newsletter. Once you give us permission to share your personal data with these entities, they will administer above-mentioned activities with the use of your information solely to this purpose.

E-mail newsletter offers online newsletter that provides you with latest news from our page, updates, additions, page information, and other information related to our service. If a user decides to join to the Internet bulletin, he or she will receive above-described information. It is important to know that newsletter may be administered by third party entities that may also manage other activities available on the page. Therefore, joining newsletter you agree on sharing your personal data with third party services for this purpose only.

Other websites

Due to advertisements, affiliates, and business partners, you may find links to third party websites on our site. We are not responsible for the content that our suppliers, partners, sponsors, licensors, advertisers, and other third parties offer. Therefore, we cannot control them, neither can we control links that appear on these pages. What is more, privacy policy and customer service policy presented at may differ from the ones available at other pages.


Advertising partners are responsible for delivering ad units on our website. The content of these advertisements depend on cookies. Thanks to them, the servers recognize you every time you enter website and adjust the content of ads for your interests, recently browsed items, and things you wish to purchase in near future. Thanks to that you are provided with targeted advertisements, and therefore you will find them interesting to some extent.

The use of Google AdSense services

Not all advertisements come from third party advertising partners. There are some delivered by Google. Thanks to the use of DART cookies, which do not use your personal information. Thanks to the use of non-personal information, these advertisements will be served based on your visit to our Site and other websites without giving anyone your name, e-mail address, physical address, or any other personal information.

Privacy policy modifications reserves the right to change, expand, shorten, or alter in any way privacy policy. Any and all changes will be announced and users, who subscribed to newsletter or provided us with e-mail address in one of activities of the page will be notified about the changes.

It is highly recommended to check this page for any modifications and be up to date with all the information regarding storage of your personal data as well as its use. Unfamiliarity with the rules does not exempt from respecting them. Therefore, it is in your interest to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and review any and all changes that may appear.

Terms acknowledgement

Browsing is equivalent to accepting the regulations presented above. If you do not agree on terms presented above, do not use the page. If you carry on with using the page, you acknowledge the privacy policy.

Contact information

If there are things you wish us to explain regarding privacy policy, feel free to contact us via support ticket or e-mail address. You can also write a comment in one of the comment sections, where we will try to answer on all your questions.