Would you like to get easy money in either GTA V or GTA Online? Do you wonder what is the best way to become wealthy player? Well, there are several options to choose. One option regards using legitimate and official ways. Thanks to assassinations, atm robberies and missions in general, you can earn some additional cash and enjoy the game for quite a bit. The second option is illegal and it involves finding working gta 5 money cheat. Thanks to that you can enjoy the game with almost unlimited money. Sadly, they are usually very easy to detect, hence your account may get banned. There is always a third option – an option that lets you use gta 5 money glitch 1.41. What is it? How does it work? See for yourself!

Glitches? What are those?

Before we tell you more about the use of gta 5 money glitch 1.41, it is essential for you to understand what glitches are. As you know, each and every game that was released up to this moment had some bugs and errors. Most of them were just a visual bugs that didn’t influence the game at all. However, from time to time one can notice glitches that are responsible for changing the mechanics of the game. Such glitches are incredibly exploited and it’s quite obvious why. In many cases they ease the game or give you a boost for a second.

In case of glitches in GTA V, there are standard glitches, where the physics of the game is exploited. However, from time to time someone finds an error that brings tons of cash instead of small quantities by simply abusing one mission or bugging the game in a specific way. This is how gta 5 money glitch 1.41 operates and how it works!

gta 5 funny glitch

Why would you need them?

The possibility to have free money gta online without using unofficial and very often illegal software is very important in GTA 5, since the single player and multiplayer, theoretically two different games, are connected. Therefore, once you got caught while cheating in GTA V, the problem will appear in online game as well! That is why it is much better to use gta v money glitch than try your luck with other tools!

So, how to turn on gta v money glitch?

First of all, you have to find a guy, who is going to help you out. Usually people from the chat help each other, especially if you return the favor. This particular glitch requires all the slots in the facility to be taken. In other words, you have to have all 7 slots taken. Then, you just go to the facility, wait for the popup with the message “Facility full” turns out, and wait for your friend to push your car into the ocean. Once you find yourself in the ocean, you need to kill yourself (through the interaction menu, since time is the essence in this case). Now, your friend needs to gift you a car, preferably Retro Custom and get it into your facility. If you need a detailed explanation, we encourage you to watch gta money glitch gta 5 hack video tutorial of our authorship!