There are a lot of questions regarding different aspects of Grand Theft Auto 5. Some of you wish to know what to do in order to get free money gta online. Some other wish to know how to finish the game as soon as possible. There are even players, who need a walkthrough that will help them complete the storyline without the slightest problems. We are huge fans of the latest instalment of Grand Theft Auto and since we spent more than 1000 hours playing it, we figured out this is a great opportunity to present our own, authorship guide for all the players, who are in need of aid. But before we move on to any further details, it is essential for you to know what makes all the players in so desperate need for money glitch in this game.

Basics about the game everyone should know

  1. When was it released?

There were two premieres – one for PS3 and X360 consoles, that took place in 2013, and the second for the newest generation consoles and PC computers, in 2015.

  1. Who is responsible for the game?

Just like in case of all previous Grand Theft Auto instalments, guys from Rockstar Games prepared this particular part.

  1. What are the most characteristic changes when compared to previous instalment?

Much better graphics (it regards version from 2015 for PC, XONE, and PS4). Except for that, we can see here the three main protagonists, each of them can be controlled. There is also an addition in the form of special abilities (like slow motion while driving, adrenaline for shootings, and other). The game can also boast with improved driving mechanics that focuses more on an arcade driving style rather simulation. It is an interesting procedure thanks to which we can all enjoy racing without any particular skills.

  1. What made the game so popular?

The most important characteristic that occurred to be a main factor for the success of the game is the introduction of online game mode, known under the name of GTA Online. It is a game mode, where we enjoy playing with other players in either cooperation missions and heists, or play in huge gang wars, which are very similar to team deathmatch type of game modes.

How to play the game – single player

In order to finish campaign storyline within several hours, you have to remember about several things. First of all, you are not going to get to know the whole storyline that is provided to you by the authors. It is because all the cutscenes, all the short movies and introduction included in the game need to be skipped. Except for that, you should also remember about turning off all the tutorials and guides. The game is extremely intuitive and there is no need for learning controls. Once playing, always remember to go fully prepared on missions. It means that you have to bring arsenal with you, extra ammo, guns, and of course some armor for safety.

If the mission occurs to be too difficult for you, there is a trick you can use to skip it. Die several times while playing the same part of the mission. Once you do that, there will be a button to skip the part you are struggling with. You can read more about single player game on .

How to play GTA V – multiplayer

In order to enjoy GTA V via Internet connection, you have got two options to choose from. The first one regards using gta online money hack, or any other gta 5 money glitch in the game. It provides you with access to all currency you desire for purchasing new characters, unlocking new clothes, getting some unique skins, and of course being able to purchase items you wouldn’t get at the beginning of the game in any other way. However, using things like gta 5 hack can be dangerous for your account, since everything has to be verified in order to launch the game. That is why we do not recommend using this method. So what to do in order to enjoy free money gta online? Here are some tips!

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  1. Races, deathmatches, missions, or challenges

To put it simply, you just need to get a job! This is the most efficient way to start earning in GTA Online. Jobs can be performed either alone, similar to the single player mode. Of course in order to participate in races, you have to find other players. The amount of money you receive from jobs vary from many different factors, so keep that in mind. Of course there are also GTA Online stories, which are directed towards competing with other players.

  1. Pickpocketing and other robberies

Looking for less demanding way of earning money? You don’t need to reach for unofficial, often illegal sources like gta 5 money glitch. All you need to do is pickpocket pedestrians or other players! Of course in order to steal from other users, higher level is required. Still, it is an excellent way to get some additional money.

  1. Stealing cars

As you can guess from the name of the game, the main activity in Grand Theft Auto is… stealing! There are some car dealers that accept shady vehicles. Of course there are some limits when it comes to selling stolen cars. For example, it is possible to sell only one car per in-game day (approximately one per hour).