Grand Theft Auto 5, or also known as GTA V, is the latest edition of series of action-packed games set in a world that perfectly copied one of the most popular and the most beautiful city in the United States, The production was released in 2013 for X360 and PS3, and in 2015 for PC and the newest generation consoles. Thanks to that we can distinguish two versions, one that is compatible for previous consoles, and the other one, with refreshed graphics that provides us with much more interesting visuals and other improvements.

The game has won so many rewards, it can surely be named as one of the most successful games released in the world. The revenues of the company as well as sales given to public knowledge confirms that. But what hides behind the success of this production? What is the reason people keep searching for additional aids for multiplayer game mode, like for example access to free money gta online? If you wish to know the answers on these questions, we encourage you to read the following article!

Storyline in the game

Grand Theft Auto V offers us very absorbing storyline, where we take the role of either Franklin, Michael, or Trevor. Yes, that’s right. In here we can choose from three completely different characters, who distinguish from each other in terms of personality, attitude towards methods of actions, and of course special abilities that can help you in various situations. The game starts from Franklin, and later on we get to know other figures. As the scenario develops, we will later on see how the history of all three protagonists combine and fulfil. Obviously, there will be a lot of side missions thanks to which we can earn a lot of money. Of course people can still hope for some kind of gta 5 money cheat or other facilitation, especially when it comes to gaining gta online money. About history GTA you can read on


If we take into account all the changes in mechanics and gameplay functions, that we can see a lot of changes that made the game even more interesting than before. Productions prepared by Rockstar Games are always made in the greatest care. For example, Grand Theft Auto V can boast with enhanced driving style as well as improved physics. It also includes better vehicle damages and provides us with better aiming system. Obviously, the cover mechanics while firefighting have also improved. Thanks to that we don’t have to worry about some bugs or other errors while performing missions.

Yes, missions – yet another aspect that is worth mentioning. Grand Theft Auto series has always been a great example how varied missions can be. In here we once again receive the chance to participate in variety of quests and side missions. Of course some of these missions won’t bring us any profits, only other benefits in the form of respect and some favors that we will be able to use later on. Of course because of that, some people search for working gta online money hack to facilitate the process of customizing cars, purchasing new weapons, or unlocking other interesting elements. more about the game you can read in the article:

Game modes

In terms of game modes, the production is a huge breakthrough. In GTA IV we could play online with others in rather limited game modes. In San Andreas, the instalment that was released before GTA IV, there was a fan-made multiplayer without the possibility of playing online officially. In this part, the producers took a lot of efforts to make the game even more enjoyable. That is why they created fully unlocked, open world made in a sandbox-like environment. What’s more, this part of the game is so huge, it was brought in the separate game, known as GTA Online. Obviously, everyone, who purchased the game, had access to GTA Online.

In multiplayer game mode we can do almost anything we want. If we wish to participate in races, we can go to specially created maps and modifications, where all the mechanics were adjusted for racing purposes. If; however, we want to take part in huge gang wars, it is possible to join others, choose our character, and have fun.

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Visuals and sound effects

Graphics in this game, just like all previous ones, astonish with its perfection. We won’t see here any visual artefacts and other problems with errors. Thanks to introducing the game on PS3/X360 consoles and the newest generation consoles, we can see a lot of improvements that grants much better graphics for PC platform users. The game offers very well-mapped structures, very much alive city filled with citizens, each of them individually rendered with facial expressions that will surprise even the most demanding players. All of that is enriched with amazing music divided onto radio stations – you can check all stations on Everyone will find something interesting to listen. There are a lot of genres to choose from as well as great voiceover made by professional actors.


Grand Theft Auto V is at this moment the most popular action game and most likely there is nothing that can change this aspect. The game provides incredible amount of fun, for everyone, who is a fan of action games. Even if you are not into single player game modes, try out online game mode. Participate in gta online money robberies and enjoy all the amazing features the game can offer!