The series of sandbox action games presented in a carefully mapped and well-prepared world has surprised us all. Thanks to the access to new technologies, the players were able to witness great improvements in terms of physics, mechanics, gameplay features, and of course sound and visual settings. All these changes, together with absorbing storyline, have always been the characteristic mark of each and every instalment that we consecutively received. The latest creation from Rockstar Games had its premiere almost five years ago, but it is still so popular people keep playing it and there’s nowhere near to the end of this hype. Even gta money glitch couldn’t change that. Why is it so? What drives people to play the game for such a long time? The following article will provide you with necessary information about each and every aspect of the game, enabling you the right assessment of the game.

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Basic information regarding the game

People from all over the world heard about the series of Grand Theft Auto. It began a long time ago from parts, where all we could do is drive around the city, fulfil missions, and enjoy some simple shootings presented in an isometric point of view. Now, everything has changed. From this moment one could see a lot of changes and improvements.

Grand Theft Auto V, because this is the game we are about to review today, was published in 2015 on PC and latest generation consoles. It is surprising that the authors decided to delay this release. As you know, the owners of PS3 and X360 could play the game almost two years before everyone else. It was due to the preparation of GTA V for the newest generation consoles. Thanks to that right now the game can boast with incredibly realistic and wonderful graphics that can astonish you even now. The group that gave us the game consists of the same fellows, who were responsible for previous releases. The game offers a lot of incredible functions, so let’s not stall any longer and skip to the part, where we explain why all the people wish to find working gta money glitch and enjoy the game even more!

How does the plot present itself?

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 3, what gives us approximately 17 years, we could witness more and more interesting storyline that offered very characteristic figures, interesting plots, and cliffhangers we wouldn’t get in the biggest movie blockbusters. The authors have been surprising us with innovative, unique, and what’s more important, non-linear storyline throughout all the instalments. Now, Grand Theft Auto V carved yet another milestone, providing us with original idea of three main characters. In other words, the production offers us choice. Thanks to that we can pick the protagonist that suits us the most, or just enjoy all of them, making the game varied and incredibly satisfying. In our opinion it is a great option, which can boast with pretty well-designed scripting. Even if we participate in a mission, where three characters are available, we can freely swap among them.

As the scenario is concerned, we are not going to see any holes or unfinished topics. In fact, everything presents amazing, action-packed history that could be a great base for some action movie! The only disadvantage of it all is length. Previous instalments could boast with very long storyline. In here, everything can be finished within several hours, what makes GTA V the shortest part of them all. However, thanks to vast access to gta v money glitch a lot of people use in online game mode, the game is still very much alive and it is not going to disappear from the shop shelves anytime soon.

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What about gameplay?

The fans of the series will certainly draw their attention to driving mechanics. In here we can see focus on arcade driving style, what for some is a disadvantage. Compared to GTA IV, it is much easier to keep the car on the road, making some interesting stunts and unforgettable tricks. It is obvious that in GTA V it isn’t too easy, but let’s say people, who struggled in making some beautiful videos in GTA IV will now have much better time in the newest edition.

As for physics of the game, we can once again see huge improvements, especially in terms of vehicle damages. Each and every scratch we make will be visible. All the major problems, resulted from either accident or shootings, will influence the way we control the car. All in all, these changes are certainly worth noting. However, they are not as significant as changes in visuals we are going to describe right now.

Visuals and soundtrack

Two aspects that are very characteristic for the series. For many years the series has been a type of forerunner in these two elements. Every time the game from GTA series was announced, people couldn’t wait to see what graphics changes where will be. The same thing goes with this part. Graphics engine used for this part is the most modern type, ensuring high quality special effects, all the details, and facial expressions of the figures. Soundtrack in the game, especially the one from radio stations, didn’t disappoint us. It offers the best songs that will please your city driving. Thanks to such things as gta 5 money glitch 1.41, people in GTA Online could also enjoy non-standard radio music.