Apex Legends is one of the most wanted games that appeared on the market for PS4 and XONE consoles. However, in addition to that, we should also bear in mind that the authors from Respawn Entertainment prepared a game that also works on PC platform. The production makes use of the very same mechanics as we could notice in all other productions that deal with Battle Royale theme. However, what makes this game so different? Why does people search for legitimate apex legends coins generator to improve their account? The review below shortly described the most important elements and offer you an access to objective presentation of the most important elements this game can boast with.

But before we delve into the review, what is the story behind Apex Legends?

Not everyone realizes, but the authors responsible for creating Apex Legends are the same people, who many years ago abandoned Call of Duty series and focuses on Titanfall cycle, which consisted of two instalments. Now, after the premiere of quite good, yet unappreciated Titanfall 2, the producers decided to delve into the world of very popular, yet for many people considered to be exploited world of Battle Royale genre.

apex legends game screen

When it comes to the scene, it is worth to mention that Respawn Entertainment did not resigned from the universe of Titanfall. Of course their latest creation is not a continuation of the cycle. Nevertheless, the producers decided to make use the world they created and put their latest game in there. In that way, we once again move ourselves to the world known from Titanfall. As the storyline is concerned, we will find ourselves in the world that was destroyed by decades of war. Now, the new colonization decided to introduce special fights in order to satisfy the post-traumatized colonists. As a result, Apex was created.

Apex Legends review – how does this game feel like?

When you delve to the world of Apex Legends, you can notice almost the same mechanics as in the Titanfall series. It means that if you enjoyed playing two previous instalments, you will certainly find this game very enjoyable. The fact is that even if the producers mapped the controls, some changes has been introduced due to the pace of the game. It is a bit slower than in Titanfall cycle. What’s more, there will be no more Titans and we won’t be able to climb walls. However, it is still possible to slide from one point to another and move quickly from point A to B.

As the user interface is concerned, it is worth to add that the game offers catchy graphics and animation that will definitely appeal to our taste. The production introduced some interesting changes in visuals and even though some people may say that the figures resemble the ones from Overwatch, they can boast with some characteristic features.

How does this game differ from others?

But what novelties did the game introduce to the sub-genre? The thing that differs Apex Legends from other Battle Royale type of games is the fact that in here we are dealing with up to 60 players who are divided onto teams. Yes, it is impossible in Apex Legends to play solo. Of course, we do not have to follow our friends, but since some of the Legends offer quite big boosts for cooperative gameplay, it is recommended. Some may say that it is a restriction. However, if we take a closer look at other Battle Royale games, it became obvious that without a team, it is much harder to win anything. The positive side of cooperation in here is the introduction of very simple and intuitive pings that will improve communication among players.

apex gameplay

Let’s not forget about one of the best optimizations. As a result, we can play the game with stable frames on our consoles. In case of computer, the requirements are not heightened and there will be no problems with compatibility. The mechanics in the game are very well finished and we do not feel like playing a beta, since there is hardly any bug.

But why would people use apex legends coins generator?

Now, when you know a thing or two regarding the basics of Apex Legends, it is very important for you to realize why people think that apex legends cheat for coins will come in handy and why it is a good idea to use tools that offer that. As you can guess, the reason why authors of the game introduced free-to-play module is because they wanted to implement micro-transaction system. Because of the access to two currencies – standard one and premium one, we can lay our hands on some unique and extraordinary special effects.

Fortunately for the fairness of the gameplay, the producers made sure that we can use currency purchased via real money for visual changes. It means that we are not going to use coins for some gameplay boosts or other advantages. Still, people wish to get apex legends cheat for coins because they can change the way our characters look. What’s more, we can use coins to unlock new skins for our Legends and weapons, new banners, interesting and unique executions, other comments from Legends, and many other things thanks to which this game is extraordinary and certainly worth your time.

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